2018.10.29 22:50~ 00:19

Stop trying to convince yourself you CAN do something – or restricting yourself by telling yourself you CAN’T do something.

It is highly unlikely that we can stop using the word “CAN’T” unless we remove the word “CAN’T”, and it’s counterpart, “CAN” from our vocabulary. This is not to further distance ourselves from telling ourselves we can, but to condition ourselves to think in a different manner altogether.

Let go of these concepts and replace them with “WILL” and “WON’T” instead.

By doing so you are consciously replacing the CAPABILITY to do something with the CHOICE to do something. You may or may not be CAPABLE however you will always have a CHOICE.

Stop telling yourself you CAN’T.

Instead, tell yourself you WON’T.

Realise that you are in control, and that you, yourself, are consciously CHOOSING not to do something, and that it is not your CAPABILITY in question, but your WILL.

You are not helpless or impotent, you are simply CHOOSING not to pursue or even possibly surpass potential accomplishments – because you told yourself you couldn’t.

You are CAPABLE of living up to or even SURPASSING your potential, but by saying “I can’t”, you are denying yourself the power to even consider doing so.


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