2018.10.31 04:52-05:16

live like you will die tomorrow

see tomorrow as an opportunity, not an uncertainty.

live for the moment, not the previous nor the next.

you don’t NEED to live nor do you HAVE to.

it is not an obligation, nor is it a burden.

It is your choice whether you choose to see it as a privilege or a responsibility.

Perhaps see it as a gift, rather than your prerogative.

See beyond entitlement, and respect the value of it.

Learn to appreciate it, and you will desire it.

and maybe, just maybe, you will WANT to live.

life is fragile.

live every moment like it is your last.

cherish and appreciate.

do no harm, spread no hurt or hate.

spend your time on the people and things that truly matter.

the people and things that make life worth living.

life can be so beautiful in this mindset

it truly is

like a sun, rising in slow motion –

its light gradually gently washing over the darkness, its warmth spreading through your body through the surface of your skin until it reaches your heart.


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