22:11 The day you let go will be the day you die. But it will also be the day you will be reborn.

Will you choose the life with the exhilarating highs and lows, or will you choose the life where emotion is but a notion?

Will you choose the life where every moment is filled with lively conversation, thanks to the voices that accompany you; or will you choose the life where there is nothing but the echo of silence?

Will you fight to steer the wheel, or will you sit back and be a meer passenger?

When you are presented with options, do not forget that you can make your own choice. Life is not a multiple choice questionnaire, it is an endless onslaught of open ended questions.

But what questions are asked and to whom are they answered?

The day the questioning stops is the day you effectively chose to die. Actions without thought belong to the dead. But who is to say that life and death are mutually exclusive? There are those that transverse between the two realms, those that switch off during the week and visit during the weekend only to get obliterated before they retreat again till the next. Are we not dying when we are not actively living?


There is no courage without fear, and there is no pain without pleasure. Life chooses to be fair in the most amusing ways.


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