…..or partying like there’s no tomorrow – these things take little to no effort.

Anyone could choose to do these things. They don’t add to your personality or individuality beyond the surface. If anything they speak of the lack of it. These choices don’t make you “cool“. In the pursuit of individuality are you really mistakenly showing you are no different from any other?

Reading, travelling, practicing a hobby, educating yourself or pursuing your interests; learning to cook, clean or do laundry – things often seen to be mundane or boring -these on the other hand require not only effort, but control, restraint and discipline (amongst many other qualities) to chose to sacrifice something in the present in order to pursue a future and the ability to be perhaps independent.

Anyone can do these things, but not everyone is willling and able to make the choice to commit and persevere. The choices that require time and effort are those that truly add to and speak of one’s character and that is why they add so much depth to someone that would otherwise likely be shallow and empty beyond the surface.

The choices we make reflect what and how we prioritise and that is a major defining characteristic, if not essence of personality and individuality, is it not?

If anyone could do it, do you do you really want it to be major defining characteristic of you? You may not achieve what you aim for, but if you aim low you will never reach higher than your aim. The more time and effort is perceived to be behind an achievement, the more likely it is to be respected – and if you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to? 

You choose who you want to and will be.

2018.11.13 01:00 #memoirededemence


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