It’s so easy to get further lost in this misguided quest to

search for, regain, learn or find self love

When maybe it was never there in the first place

“Self love” is not some feeling, attachment or emotion.

It is simply the ability to value yourself as a person.

It’s not some trait or skill to be acquired, it’s simply a perspective.

To value yourself as a person, you have to first see yourself as a person.

we get so lost looking for ourself and the idea of a “self” we lose sight of how we ourself are also human, just human.

I stopped thinking of myself as “me”, but instead as a


And suddenly, a lot of things fell into place. I wouldn’t want

or allow someone I care for to treat themself this way, so

what gives me the right to give myself special treatment to

treat myself differently?

You need to eat.You haven’t showered in X days. You

haven’t slept in X days

Suddenly these things begin to matter, and excuses had no bearing.

It may be depersonalisation but then instead of searching

for something that is so illusive, this shift in perspective

made so many things so much more simple


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