The general population is much more informed about mental illness nowadays compared to ten years ago, but is the awareness counterproductive? (Written February 3, 2019)

For example, many say they are depressed and it is so commonplace that there are countless support lines and communities for it.

But it seems as though this results in people undermining the seriousness of the mental illness that is depression, brushing off cases as “just depression” because it is so common – which seems to defy the original purpose behind awareness.

Do you think awareness of depression has caused more harm than good?

Should “depression” be more commonly and distinctively differentiated from clinical or major depression?

How can this be done without implying that one is more “important” than the other?

The point is not to dismiss or discriminate those with identity as depressed/suffering from major/clinical depression but to highlight the fatal distinction between the two so as to remind people of the graveness of the mental illness…

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