#nobb no more babying

#nobb no more bullshit

I know it’s difficult but she’s your mother.

She’s doing it for you because she’s your mother.

#nobb no more babying, no more bullshit, no more gaslighting, no more guilt trips.

Emotional abuse is real, as is trauma.

Motherhood is not an excuse.

For every 125 men, there are 62 women and despite declining fertility rates, populations still continue to soar… and inspirational revelations of courageous decisions to estrange mothers and the number of google searches for articles that include one of “narcissistic, undermining, helicopter, abusive, manipulative” and “mother” are ____ as of ____.

It has long been “accepted” that we are to be grateful and bend our will to our mothers – but it is becoming painfully clear how emotional abuse and gaslighting can literally rip one’s psyche…


It’s not okay. It never was okay. We are not taught to simply accept physical or verbal abuse, why are we convinced to not simply accept, but nurture emotional and psychological abuse?

Of all the aforementioned, it can even be argued that the latter are the most devastating as they are often __ like cockroaches and ____ like bacteria… oftentimes undetected until it has become a threat to function or survival.


no more bb

Stop being a baby



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