Own up to your choices

Own up to your decisions

Stop using others as a reason for your decisions

Your intentions are yours and yours alone.

– 13:24 | 08. 03. 2019 –

I buy you food because I like seeing you satisfied after a good meal and it makes me feel happy knowing I contributed to your wellbeing


I bought it for you to eat because it’s good for you

I’m deciding to persevere and endure an unfulfilling relationship because I believe I’m doing it for you


I suffered all these years because I wanted you to be happy.

I am dedicating my time and effort to do what I think will help because it makes me feel like I’m making a positive difference.


You’re making me feel so helpless because of how you’re suffering, I don’t know what to do to help you.

Bystanders, family, friends:

You are not inclined or forced to “help”.

In fact, unsolicited advice or help is the worse thing you can offer – it ultimately reveals your inability to handle your own emotional response.

How you cope with your feelings is not in anyway on those who are suffering.

We do not in anyway owe you the need to explain to you why we are suffering and comfort you because of how you cannot cope with this.

We can barely cope with ourselves.

It’s is beyond ridiculous for someone who fainted due the addition of your worry on top of their original anxiety and stress to have to comfort you when they come to.

You are responsible for your own feelings.

Please, do not impose this burden on those who are already on their last breath.

Please, stop trying to fix or heal us.

We are not a means for you to redeem your conscience or escape your own issues.

Thank you.


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