It is liberating to be able to cry unconfined by judgement, scrutiny or empathy. It should be encouraged; for one to be truly in touch with them-self. To be not only in touch with subconscious desires, thoughts and drives – but also emotions.

To be able & willing to acknowledge them ; to be consciously aware of them regardless of the nature of their effects on you; to accept these feelings which we have no control over and be able to let go of the instinct to suppress, deny or refuse to own up to these ironically instinctive intuitions.

To submit to them; to be able to succumb to the vulnerability of being consumed by feelings unguarded by logic, to let go of rational deduction and allow yourself to be consumed by these intense and sometimes overwhelming sensations – to surrender and embrace helplessness.

It is remarkable, especially when they are tears of joy. Even those born of misery, suffering, pain, or sadness – they may not be pleasurable but they are rich, vivid experiences and no matter how difficult or seemingly unbearable; it is a indispensable, if not crucial, part of life.

Tears are and always will be precious, whether they are born of joy or sorrow. If anything, the loss of the latter would be a dreadful one, for it is the supposed agony of pain which highlights the contrasting ecstasy of pleasure. Without pain, pleasure would be dull – just as without sorrow, even happiness would be null.

Pain is and will always remain to be a part of being alive. It accentuates the rich variation and diversity of emotion, simply by offering a means of comparison – a means of valuing the priceless sensations through the stark contrast which gives each sensation its intense vivaciousness.

It is a sign of living as opposed to simply existing, neither dead nor alive – frozen in a echo of the present, in a state of hopeless despair. When you can’t even feel the pain as it had become so ordinary and familiar; when it has replaced “normality” and you can no longer differentiate it as a remarkable experience; when you can no longer distinguish suffering in agony from a tranquil reality. That is when pain becomes a luxurious, if not sacred phenomenon…


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