Nudes. Sex. Porn. Free. These words easily grab our attention, don’t they? You probably figured out by now. I lied. I’m sorry. I’ve been AWOL in terms of media and I truly did not do this on purpose – I have been (as you probably figured out too) “dealing” with issues. (Again. Yeah. I’m tired of it too) Yeah. I’m bloody bored of these absences and excuses. But I do have loads of text (I’ve yet to proofread etc) one of which contains about 1600+ words… – I will probably cut it up into 3 different posts. This is why I don’t post as often as I write – I am too busy writing to review what I have written. Still, excuses are excuses. To be honest, I’m actually intimidated when I realise that this is no longer a scribble in my note-journal but actually blabber that will be eternally existent – thanks to the internet. I am also aware of how I use 10 sentences to relay a message that requires no more than 2. Yeah. I’m pretty sure I’m on the ridge of a spiral or already spinning. Please kindly excuse any offensive/ out of character/ ridiculous/ immature/ ignorant behaviour/manner of speech/tone of voice/nature of content – I have always fallen into “weird” or “comical”(self-acclaimed) narratives (becoming the scribe of) where it almost seems like I am simply a means, a tool, used to communicate these rants/preaches.

TLDR est 8PM TUES 09/05/19 (pre-T)




May 27: thank you all again for being with me, I will be back I promise.



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