In lieu of the long overdue and owed pile of content held back by indecisiveness…

I have decided to “release” raw unadulterated previews of the albums that have piled up – whilst I hastily execute the decision to segregate the nsfw alter ego from the pseudo writer and once again abandon the unrealistic yearning for all to be expressed as one.

That being said, I continue to struggle with settling on the style of said albums, too much or too little, to edit or to leave it as is, to crop or to eliminate… Etc – mainly due to the amount of photos in each set, which means the final process is not done in one sitting – and thus the discrepancy in mood or cognition is reflected in the presentation of each image. TLDR: Can’t decide ffs.

For now, I’ll dwell on this idiocy on my own while releasing the raw images – all this contemplation was really rooted in fear of being seen as no longer bothering and not editing or scrutinising content… But then instead there was none. 🙏🏻 I apologise. Rather than have you join my stupor, here is some pre-processing footage. .

This being said, I will also be undergoing a mass reorganisation of the journal to seperate it from the gallery from here onwards, in respect to the discrepancy of the content and potential audience.

Hope you have all been well. I have been drowning in scrutiny and self doubt alike whilst incapacitated by the most dumbstriking menstrual cramps I have ever experienced. I really do hate to whine but it hurts like a mofo. Hurted like a mofo. I’m getting my balls back and manning the fuck up so get ready for a tsunami of content.

Video or stills? Decisions, decisions,,,


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