I’d like to think that that is a rather precise and accurate description of how I spend most of my time.

” I read a lot”

What do I read? Not novels or strictly academic or scientific literature, but mostly google and wherever it leads me. What do I google? …. anything and everything.

I don’t usually share or promote other websites/writers but I came across these two articles and the brains responsible and I can’t help but submit to the urge to share.

I hope you find them as inspirational and fulfilling as I.

“Self Awareness” by Mark Manson

Matt Hearden : “ 24 things …. self aware people do”

“I write a lot” – So where is everything?

I had been extremely self aware and critical about everything, scrutinising every little perceived imperfection. But mostly one thing: the incoherence and mess of a site I had created rather impulsively and aimlessly – although at the time I was under the notion that I was driven by purpose and self-awareness.

Self-consciousness however, was something I had not anticipated nor accounted for, as I had written as “anonymous” and had carefully separated every pseudonym and “persona” in a rather big-headed and control-obsessed attempt to keep everyhing “clean”. In reality I wanted to post freely and be denounced of all responsibility of the undesirable consequences – ideally there would be none.

In an attempt to rectifying this dilemma and recurrent unattended/unfulfilled desire to be truly uncensored yet “whole” I was also trapped by my self-consciousness.

I have still been doing all three, but I simply have not posted any… my excuse being that I’ve been too busy trying to reorganise everything so I could do so “properly”. (

Well… I’d like to think I have arrived at a somewhat decent and not overcomplicated compromise to satisfy both sides and a paywall to banish the insecurities and resulting censorship.

That being said, I am still rather self-critical and my need to “review” everything before “publishing” will unlikely magically disappear. Hopefully, this can be seen as some form of quality control… despite the resulting tardiness.

As for the photos — the same scrutiny applies. My main goal was to separate the blabber from the photos as I didn’t want the readers to be discouraged by seemingly unrelated images, nor did I want to bore the others.

I’d like to think the resulting compromise will be an effective way to achieve this and prevent the disparity between the two to become an issue.

I will make up for my absence — the content has already been created, simply not “reviewed”, as for now, please kindly accept this as a peace offering.

Images will be gradually all moved here, and Patrons and Members (Subscribers) can view them at will 🙂 (price is only for non-members)

Until then I will be gathering my balls to sum up the courage to post the embarrassing amount of built up text and actual complete sets of photos that I’d been too shy to post.u

– Y. Satori

**edit: everything is still incomplete/a mess, please bear with me as I attempt to consolidate everything.


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