Vulnerable Resilience

I have a profound sense of admiration for women who can express their sexuality and individuality with class and personality – like @devilette,, @yusara_circus and @creepyyeha amongst countless others. They possess what I hopelessly yet ambivalently long and strive for, and much more. Of these 10 years, what little recollection that I have of […]

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I have been upset with the redirect loop we have been stuck in

And I have still been experiencing depersonalisation and derealisation. Funnily enough, things actually become more intense and vivid sporadically. Colours are of higher lucidity and edges are sharper and not as flat as the prior envisioned perceptions that were almost 2d. However the blanket of fear remains the constant between the two, it presses jutting […]

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Log – 07:46

Scared, disoriented, overwhelmed, terrified, mournful, wronged, disrespected, neglected, abused. Can not recognise any postings in social media etc, very overwhelmed, sad and scared and dismal – upset at feeling that life had been hijacked, looking back at life that was stolen. Upset, disoriented but mindful and conscious of the d.i.d. Theory and hopeful this blog […]

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