There is no reasonable excuse;

No reason is acceptable; No exceptions are applicable; No excuses are viable. She needs help.. this is not just disgraceful it’s borderline downright pitiful how can we get her back You have until the end of the month. The end of the month is the hard deadline, no excuses – this has been gone too […]

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I have been upset with the redirect loop we have been stuck in

And I have still been experiencing depersonalisation and derealisation. Funnily enough, things actually become more intense and vivid sporadically. Colours are of higher lucidity and edges are sharper and not as flat as the prior envisioned perceptions that were almost 2d. However the blanket of fear remains the constant between the two, it presses jutting […]

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[TBC] Mental Health Awareness: Counterproductive?

The general population is much more informed about mental illness nowadays compared to ten years ago, but is the awareness counterproductive? Mental illness is depicted to be commonplace and numerous support lines and communities have been constructed through the efforts of the awareness movement. However, with the awareness comes a sense of normality that accompanies […]

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