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Trigger Warning

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Sweet Dreams

A token of sincerity – I’ve not abandoned you all, I’ve been writing and creating but even the original version of this became a 2000 word essay and I’m trying to be aware of my rambling on… Thank you for bearing with me, and I hope this will testify to

Let her cry

It is liberating to be able to cry unconfined by judgement, scrutiny or empathy. It should be encouraged; for one to be truly in touch with them-self. To be not only in touch with subconscious desires, thoughts and drives – but also emotions. To be able & willing to acknowledge

Wean to be lean?

Sorry for the impromptu inactivity, instead of weaning off my medication I had (foolishly) decided to go cold turkey (again). Needless to say, that was a bad idea. I’m beginning to wonder if this was the cause of all of this, considering the timing, intensity and nature of my struggles

5 days to 04.25

Another year. Birthdays. Fucking hate them.

“Co-star” – Tauri are fucked

I’ve never been one for horoscopes but this shit is seriously fucked up in how it’s so spot on. Stay safe and be well, my moo-moo’s. Follow @costarastrology for more creepy shit

[тш] Internalised Inferiority

DISCLAIMER: This image is a means of expression and is NOT an accurate, realistic or healthy portrayal of human anatomy. Please see the end of the post for the before/after. I DO NOT promote or advocate unhealthy body images, and have gained much weight since then. I’m sorry if you

Vulnerable Resilience

I have a profound sense of admiration for women who can express their sexuality and individuality with class and personality – like @devilette,, @yusara_circus and @creepyyeha amongst countless others. They possess what I hopelessly yet ambivalently long and strive for, and much more. Of these 10 years, what little

Forgive The Past


There is no reasonable excuse;

No reason is acceptable; No exceptions are applicable; No excuses are viable. She needs help.. this is not just disgraceful it’s borderline downright pitiful how can we get her back You have until the end of the month. The end of the month is the hard deadline, no excuses –