I offer counselling/support chat/pen-pal services,

on the basis of my own life experiences with trauma, isolation, mental health & substance abuse; interpersonal issues such as emotional, narcissistic, or psychological abuse; as well as traumatic events.

As a holder of a British Psychology Society (BPS)-Accredited 2:1 Psychology (Hons) Degree. Psychology (Honours) with a 2:1, I am confident that the mixture of theory and first hand experience will allow me (and hopefully you) to be able to <b>really</b> relate.

I am not a professional, but sometimes we just need to have someone who knows how to listen and is seeking and able to be there for us and support us.

I offer:
  • Text only chat
  • Text & Image chat
  • Text chat with Image & Video Clips
Through the following basis:
  • 1. Per 30/60 minute session (text, call, or video)
  • 2. Per week (Pen-Pal, replies may take up to 24 hours)
**with little to no experience and no formal qualifications.