The original aim of the introspective journaling was to explore/discover/navigate/accept/document the process of coming to terms with, accepting, and developing healthy coping mechanisms for symptoms attributed to didbpdbdd, & c-ptsd. It is a safe space to acknowledge and accept all aspects of the mind; their existence, their integrity, pride and right to express themselves.

It is an endeavour to be readily and lovingly aware and supportive of one another; by remembering and accepting that all of the selves are ultimately and undeniably one and the same. To harm another is to harm oneself, and vice versa.

If not through love, then through lack of animosity we shall unite. We mean no harm nor need to be afraid. We shall learn to give all fragments of the self the chance to be recognised, accepted and reassured – reminded that they are and can be complete, as individuals or as a whole.

It is terrifying to venture into the dark, but this serves to be a means of leaving a trail for those who are to stumble upon this path; alone and afraid: let this remind you that you are not alone.

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The tangible fragments of what remains of a soul?