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Guidance & Support

I also offer counselling/support chat/pen-pal services as an aspiring psychologist through wickr with little to no experience and no formal qualifications. I am not a professional, but sometimes we just need to have someone who knows how to listen and is seeking and able to be there for us and support us.

I offer:

A. Text only chat
B: Text & Image chat
C: Text chat with Image & Video Clips

Through the following basis:

  1. Per 30/60 minute session (text, no interruption)

  2. Per week (Pen-Pal, replies may take up to 24 hours)

I aim to be consistent in updating feeds and photo sets,

but I am still struggling with the stability of my mental health and

still have occasional episodes.

Thank you for being so patient & supportive, it touches me so much

knowing that you are there for me.